about irresponsability of Italians politicians


In 2005-06 Berlusconi and his coalition understood that his government was politically a failure and he was going to lost elections.

Berlusconi's coalition didn't like to lost the power, so they made an electoral law to penalize Prodi's coalition.

In 2006. Prodi won the election, but by the Berlusconi's electoral law his government was very very weak and everybody was sure that they couldn't keep the power (democratically elected) for a long time.

In 2008 Berlusconi is sure to win and take back the power, so it isn't important the instability or the democracy, they'd planned everything to have back the power.

That's Italy, the irresponsability of the people who doesn't understand that Berlusconi will keep the power, but Italy'll lost. Poor BelPaese...

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Anonimo 1 febbraio 2008 17:10  

posso darti un consiglio? controlla l'inglese prima di scrivere in inglese...

Duca 1 febbraio 2008 19:26  

quando l'ho scritto ero di fretta, non ho voglia di ricorreggerlo, dai... anche così ha un suo fascino...

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