about embassies and prejuges


Once I said ironically that Italy'd to remove his Embassy from Madrid: we don't need it!
We're the same people: of course, we're a Republic, they're a Kingdom, but the people who lives has the same habits, the same happiness, the same mistakes. Anyone with his specificity because the Geography is a fate. We'd to keep just a Consulate for the bureaucratic reasons. It's a joke, but with something deeper.

I've a prejuge, as everyone has. I've more than one prejuge, as everyone has.
I like Polish people, I think Italians has a strong debt and, probably, some credits with them. Woytila and Walesa are Italians for "something" which I can't define. Polish people has strange name, we can't speak its, but I developed a positive prejuges about them. When I lived in Grenoble I learn't it, but also after a lot of them confimed mine prejuge.

I've wrote it because I've known more than 2 or 3 people from these countries. If everyone represents his country, you need much more than 2 or 3 people to be enable to understand them (or, better, to start to do it). You need to know some friends and some "non-friends" to understand it.

At the end, this one is just a little idea, not so dangerous if I keep it.

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