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In the last 8 months, we lived a real nightmare. The apartment where we moved last September ended up being a disaster. Technical equipment was irregular, and the contract was a trap plus other, various problems. We were cheated, defrauded, even aggressed. We had to move out urgently living in an apart’hotel per 6 weeks and we lost a lot of money, just to get out of that trap.

Now, we’re finally elsewhere restarting our life. I feel I’m stronger in the love for my wife and my family, happier for the help of many friends who did A LOT during these weeks/months and thankful for the support of my colleagues. There are still some toxic leftovers, but I feel much better now.

Still, I’ve the frustration because that landlord won’t get what she deserves, and the apartment will just be rented to someone else, who will fall in the same trap. I discovered we were the third ones in line to be defrauded by her. I’ve learnt the regional laws protect the landlord, basically also if s/he guilty (even Wallonia and Flanders have much better laws for tenants). My experience says the justice system is in favour of the richer ones, regardless they’re the victim or the guilty.

Now, I’ve my life back. I hope the friends reading these lines will help me to move forward because that’s just a terrible chapter to archive. Let's look forward.

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Anonimo 12 marzo 2019 08:23  


So sorry to hear about this man!

Let's touch base soon so you can all come for a relaxing weekend in Vienna!

Time to catch up.


D21 12 marzo 2019 10:56  

Thanks papero! Hope to visit you soon!

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