Hic et nunc


Hic et nunc... I'm reconsidering Epicurus... we've just one life, why we should waste it? God gave us just one life, just one opportunitiy and we don't have to waste it. We've to enjoy, seriously. Many people misunderstoond the Epicureanism with the dissoluteness, while there's a more serious and cleaver meaning. As Danilo Dolci said, "we've to do now, and well, because we die". Francesco Petrarca explained, as only master can do, the sense of Sloth. Hic et nunc, but please don't enjoy life in a stupid way, don't waste it. God gave us a deep framework for our entire life and then the flying time with a series of present times, that we don't have to waste. Don't make to many counts, because they never works.
Hic et nunc... hic et nunc...

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