It's something we don't really understand...


Berlusconism's a ghost moving across Europe. A distortion of Democracy transforming politics in show, Parliaments in houses of the big brothers and political newspaper in gossip magazine. This Italian article could help to understand a bit.
Berlusconi has been the first to do: managing his image as a southern american dictator, he adapted dictatorship to a TV-democracy, given the fact he was the owner. As any innovation, he didn't understand immediately it, now it's systematic.
The problem is that this 'model' has been exported to many other countries by politicians like Putin and Sarkozy. Furthermore, this model seems perfect for this season: an incredible and very deep economic crisis and there isn't any politics able to face it. However, Berlusconism is able to keep consensus for politicians, while economic actor are still free to earn whatever they want.
There was something new coming from Italy also one century ago, something from Italy. It isn't the same, but in that time, like now, we didn't understand what it was. It was something coming from Italy... something coming from Italy...

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