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Last night, my first theatre class performed for the first (and last) improshow. I was the theacher and the director of the show... Emotion, for me... my first time in English... Well done, my boyz did a great job... I'm very happy...

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Anonimo 20 luglio 2011 22:40  

But...if it is impro, what's the need of a director?

Ducky Lucky

laFra 21 luglio 2011 02:43  

why "last"?

Marco Zanzi 21 luglio 2011 09:27  

Never use the word 'last', every time it is a very bad idea. Parola di lupetto.

Duca XXI 21 luglio 2011 09:43  

I don't know how to call the "teacher-presenter-coach"...

It is because every improshow is performed just once, and even more because that improgroup will disappeared, although we hope to keep contacts.

Yet, Impro can't be performed twice... anyway, of course I'll keep on improvising!

Anonimo 21 luglio 2011 14:31  

Just try not to improvise too much or too often, my Duke, or you'll end up causing...diplomatic accidents!!!

Olaf doesn't forget, remember!


Marco Zanzi 21 luglio 2011 14:34  

Remember that Chopin's Preludes arrived from an Imprò, but after Imprò he did a reorganization of idea making something wonderful!

Duca XXI 21 luglio 2011 15:31  

me?!?! diplomatic accidents?!?!! I don't understand... who's Olaf?

step by step... just step by step...

Anonimo 22 luglio 2011 01:11  

...when we'll be in the middle of WW3 I'll know who to blame for that!
Mr. "I don't understand"...


Duca XXI 22 luglio 2011 08:53  

Can I don't reply to you?!

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