As you like it... Improvisation!


" All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts"
(W. Shakespeare)

Improvisation brings us to develop the Bard's thought. World's the stage where we're called to improvise, playing our life. We don't know what others'll do, we could assume some common rules, but we don't know if they'll really rispect. And -in any case- rules aren't deterministic, never.

Improvisation means you've to jump on the stage and you don't know exactly what'll be, what's the end, what's your part, how (and if) you'll arrive to the end... More or less, like when you born. Someone is a driver, a director on stage. Someone's a protagonist, someone else a secondary character and the last one an antagonist. Someone seems a deus ex machina, someone else a bit player. In our life, we're called to improvise, playing our part, our role, our life. We're our protagonist, we play one part, we're nobody, we're one hundred thousands.

The only things I've learnt is that I don't have to renounce to play my part, 'til the end, 'til the moment I've to exit. The only mistake in improvisation is to don't play when I've to do, when I feel I've a part to play, something to give to that story; the only mistake is to say 'no' to worlds that my mates are creating, with me. If I play, I could get public clapping; otherwise I renonce to live and the action will be poorer without my contribution. Of course, I've to avoid congestion on stage, but this is a minor problem.
I've just to don't renonce to play my part, and to don't say no to the worlds my mates want to create with me. More problematic's the disappointment when my mates don't want to play mine. repeating continuosly their 'no' without proposing something else. I've to learn to don't care too much and continuosly try to create other worlds, other stories, other lifes. I've to learn... I've to learn a lot... But I've still in mind a bit of delusion when some improvisations are not accepted, 'cause I thought it was a good idea, 'cause I'd like to improvise with someone, 'cause the alternative wasn't satisfactory.

If you're an advanced and experienced improvisactor, you become able to make this story better and better. For the moment, I'm trying to learn that I don't have to say no, that I've to play my part with mates who want create new stories, new worlds. Then, I'll learn to improve it, for the moment don't renonce to play, don't say no it's enough, is a good starting point. Don't think to much about the future, just improvise the present... just hic et nunc... just improvisation...

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